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Our founder believes that we all have the freedom and inner power to benefit from the mindfulness found in respecting our daily routines as the powerful rituals they are.

From the small habit of getting dressed each morning to the challenging and transformative decisions - every moment counts.

We believe recognizing and pursuing mindful awareness unlocks the limitless power we all possess and allows us to realize the unfathomable role in our lives and our fate.

Magick and Moonshine is a female-owned and operated small business with close ties to the roots of  Appalachian culture  and tradition. Our namesake is an homage to our values and purpose behind what we do.


Magick is the art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Magick is neutral, neither good nor evil; a powerful tool used to bring positive changes in your life. 


Moonshine signifies two important elements of our business.

We believe in the power of the moon; working rituals during different moon phases can welcome physical and psychological transformation.

On full moons, we witches gather beneath the moonlight to dance wild amongst the trees; we whisper charms on the balconies of our apartments. The moon is magick for our soul. 


Moonshine also pays tribute to our roots. Distilling liquor - under the cover of darkness and by the light of the moon - has been a strong tradition in the Southern Appalachian mountains. For generations, Appalachian souls have been brewing potions under the soft glow of the moon.

We’re glad our attraction spell worked on you…



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